Shipping Condition

Delivery of products from the warehouse

         If the products you ordered are ready in our warehouse The company will deliver products out of the warehouse within 24 hours after the order is complete. (Only on business days). All Hom Thai products will be delivered by Premium Courier, which will deliver Monday - Friday from 09.00 hrs. - 17.00 hrs. And Saturday at 09.00 hrs. - 12.00 pm.

Delivery lead time

           Shipping is carried out using the company's system. Collaborate with other premium couriers so we can be sure that products will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. By using the product delivery time to your hand no more than 1-3 working days in Bangkok and 3-5 working days in the metropolitan region and upcountry

Or in the case of ordering products in batch, the delivery period will be no more than 7 days.

           However, the company cannot guarantee that after you have purchased the product, the product will be received within the next day. Although there are many areas where customers will be able to receive products the next day. And in some areas, the delivery time may be longer than usual. 

           ** Only for Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Sangkhangri District And some areas that are islands It may take 1-2 days to deliver more than normal. However, our team will try to deliver to you as soon as possible.

In Case of no one waiting to receive the product at home.

           Delivery when there is no one waiting to receive the product at home It depends on the situation and the discretion of the delivery staff whether they can be placed on the front of the house or not. In the event that the delivery staff deems it necessary to have someone sign the product The delivery staff will leave the products at the building manager or the gatekeeper.

           Which will consider choosing one of the best methods But if unable to deliver products Products will be returned to the company. You can request a full refund for the product. But not including shipping (Can read details at Refund policy) in case the order is declined The company will not ship products again. You must complete a new order in order to receive the product you want.

Change shipping address 

Customers are not able to change the shipping address once the order has been confirmed.

Shipping fee

There is no delivery fee when buy over 1000 baht. However, the company has the right to change / adjust the shipping fee without notice.

Shipping to foreign countries

Please contact customer relations for more information HERE.

Delay shipping

If placing an order by 9.00 hrs. Of normal working day You will receive the product after the order is completed within 1-3 business days. We will try to deliver the product as soon as possible. However, there may be cases where it may be delayed for you to receive the product.

Cuase of Delay Shipping :
- Incorrect shipping location information

- The phone number of the person who ordered the product is incorrect

- Can not contact the phone number provided

- No one is here to pick up the product at the place of appointment.

- The delivery location not match to purchase order

- The customer made a late payment or there was an error in the payment process.

- Orders that need to be stopped or delayed Due to the large number of orders in one item, the products in our warehouse are not enough to sell. (This is a rare occurrence)

- unexpected situation that prevents delivery of products on schedule (such as natural disasters or abnormal weather conditions, etc.)

Order cancellation

Customers can be cancel orders after placing order within 6 hours. Please contact the Customer Service Center at 02-961-3727 during business hours (Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) or email or



Delivered every Monday - Saturday, every 9.00 hrs.

Orders after 9.00 will be shipped the next day.


Shipping cost per item

- Thailand Post, EMS (ThaiPost) 50 baht (1-3 days)

- Kerry Express 60 baht (1-3 days)

- Force (Only in Bangkok and metropolitan area) 50 baht (1-2 days)

If spending over 1000 baht [[free shipping nationwide]]

Return Condition

The company is happy to exchange or return products within 7 days after the order. In the following cases 1. In the event that the company Products shipped to customers from the details of the latest order confirmation from the company. The company is happy to accept exchanges and deliver the correct products. To new customers within 7 working days without any charge.

2. In case of returning products or canceling an order (Under the company policy), the product must be ready for sale. (Ready-to-sell condition means product condition that has not changed, damaged, price tag, brand label Remain and packaged in the packaging of that product In the same condition that the company Forwarded to the buyer)

3. In the event that the customer wishes to change the product The customer must deliver the product back to the company. The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back. But the product must not be damaged Product condition must not be changed, damaged, price tag, brand label Remain and packaged in the packaging of that product In the same condition that the company Forwarding to the buyer), the company will inspect before delivering new products to customers and the company requests to collect the cost of shipping new products to customers actually
4. In case the product is damaged or cannot be used since receiving the product Please notify the staff immediately as found. The product must not be damaged or damaged by use. The company will inspect before sending new products to customers.

5. If the customer is not satisfied with the product Customers must report the cause and submit the evidence to the company. Such as the engine stumbles After using the product Customers must attach engine test results before and after use. Customers must send a video on how to use. That used correctly Not caused by misuse of the product Along with the customer's name and address Shop to buy And proof of payment



- Please keep receipts, tax invoices, product receipts, and other documents. As evidence in returning products

- The company reserves the right to refuse to return products if the customer does not fill out the return form

- The company reserves the right to reserve products Regardless of any circumstances

- Return address

- Building 69/37 Force Group Building, Soi Phra Mae Maha Karun 12/1

   Tiwanon Road, Ban Mai Pak Kret District Nonthaburi 11120

Refund Condition

Forms and methods of refunds

1. In case of paying via credit card, the company will refund the product after deducting the processing fees of each bank. Back to the credit card account limit That customers use to make purchases Within 15 - 30 days (reserves the right to write the name on the credit card, must be in accordance with the list of people who buy products on the website only)

2. In case of paying through Transfer through bank account Collect cash at ATMs, the company will transfer money after the deduction of processing fees of each bank Returned to the bank account That the customer has notified on the product return menu Within the period of 15-30 days from the date the company Complete documents


3. In case of paying via PayPal, the company will process a refund through your PayPal account after deducting the processing fee of Paypal policies within 15-30 business days.


Documents that are required to return products

- Original receipt

- Copy of bank account page (BookBank) with a certified true copy for the company to Transfer cost of goods back. (In the case of cash payment)

- Copy of sale order document

- Copy of ID card With a certified true copy