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for CNG and LPG

New innovation for direct gas vehicles. CNG and LPG gas or 2 system-vehicles to reduce engine wear due to overheating of gas vehicles By helping the engine oil to be stable at the boiling point Helps to maintain the lubricating properties of engine oil to be maintained at high heat temperatures. Makes the engine run smooth. Easy to start


- Helps reduce engine wear From the overheating problem of gas vehicles

- Helps the engine oil to be stable when reaching the boiling point.

- Helps maintain the lubricating properties of the engine oil to maintain at high temperature temperatures.

- Helps to extend engine life Save maintenance costs

- Helps the engine run smoothly Save fuel

- Helps to reduce engine oil consumption

- Environmentally friendly

- Suitable for vehicles using LPG or NGV

- Easy to start Protect immediately upon start

How to Use

Add FORTRON GAS LUBE to the new engine oil every time you change the oil.


Or as required For the most benefit, it should be used with FORTRON GASOHOL PLUS TREATMENT or FORTRON BIODIESEL PLUS TREATMENT to prevent spoiled oil from stopping the tank for a long time.

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For CNG and LPG